Mokete's Village wins big at Feathered Horse Classic, Perry Ga Show!

The Feathered Horse Classic Show in Perry, GA was a huge success!  Mokete's Village took home 7 Championship Titles, including D’Jango Jazz attaining the overall Supreme Halter Championship!  The halter division in Perry was a "who's who" of the leading stallions, mares and geldings in the country so this victory was very meaningful.  D'Jango Jazz continues to show his versatility as both a leading performance and halter sire, the best of both worlds!


D’Jango’s results were:

Supreme Halter Champion

Grand Champion Stallion

Grand Champion Stallion, Amateur

Reserve Grand Champion, English Dressage

Reserve Grand Champion, Western Dressage

1st Place, Stallions 4 and Over

1st Place, Dressage Suitability, WTC Open

1st Place, Favorite Gait English Open

2nd Place, Color Patterned

2nd Place, Open Trail Under Saddle (6 yrs. and up- JACKPOT)- Summer’s Traveler of Mokete’s Village was 1st!




Our 3 year old mare, Violet, continues to raise the bar.  In only her second FHC showing , she improved upon her first show title of Reserve Dressage Champion by winning Dressage Grand Champion!  To earn these titles with any horse is a great accomplishment, but to earn them as a green, 3 year old makes us very proud of her and our trainers. Violet also went on to win 1st Place Ribbons in every class she entered, including 1st Place, 3 year old halter mare.  Violet has extraordinary movement and presence, and we hope in the near future for her to be one of the best performance Gypsy Vanners in the country.


Violet’s results were:

Grand Champion, Dressage

1st Place, Halter Mare, 3 years old

1st Place, Dressage Suitability WT Open

1st Place, English Pleasure WT Open

1st Place, English Pleasure WT Green (1st year showing)




Summer’s Traveler, one of our wonderful geldings, was named Trail Grand Champion.  In addition, he won BLUES in every class he entered under saddle, and took a second as well,  in In- Hand Trail. Summer’s Traveler is a 5-time national champion and continues to prove how special and talented he is!  He is  the epitome of the breed temperament and a big part of why we decided to breed gypsies.


Summers Traveler's results were:

Grand Champion, Trail

1st Place, Open Showmanship

1st Place, Open Trail Under Saddle 6 yrs. & up JACKPOT

1st Place, WT Over Ground Poles-Open

1st Place, Command Class Open

1st Place, Favorite Gait Western Open

1st Place, Western Pleasure WJL Open

1st Place, Western Equitation WJL

2nd Place, Open Ground Obstacles In Hand




Also of note, only 3 horse/rider combinations attained scores above 70% in dressage at the Perry, GA FHC show. Two of those were Mokete's Village horses, D'Jango Jazz and Violet, ridden by Ashley Sarkozi! Congratulations!


As always, we thank S3 Show Alliance for their professionalism and dedication to bringing out the best in our horses.  You guys were awesome! We also thank the “home crews” of Mokete’s Village and Sarkozi Training Center for taking such great care of our special friends.


We enjoyed seeing and spending time with everyone, especially the new faces, both human and equine, that continue to show the wonderful versatility of this special breed.  A big thank you to all of the "Moketians"  out there that support our program and horses!  (sorry Taylor & Colton , we could not resist the use of your MV nickname! ) See everyone at the next show!

Great Time at Feathered Horse C lassic Summer Horse Show!

We had a great time showing, catching up with old friends and making new ones at the FHC Summer Show in Williamston, NC this past weekend. D’Jango Jazz continues to raise the bar showing his versatility and ability to perform for both professional and amateur handlers. Not only did he earn the Grand Championship in the amateur Stallion Halter class but he also brought home the blue ribbon in the highest level of dressage offered at the show and the high point english pleasure award. Additionally, he was named the Reserve Champion Open Halter Stallion and the overall Reserve Open Performance champion for the entire show without even breaking a sweat! Our lovely 3 year old mare, Violet, made her dressage debut earning an impressive score over 71% for the win and that was also enough to earn her the reserve high score for all the english dressage horses. We’d be thrilled for any of our horses to earn those awards, but it’s even more special for a 3 year old at her first dressage show ever to accomplish such a victory! Summer’s Traveler earned the overall high point youth award and was also the reserve high point open trail horse. King also won numerous youth classes and took a second in youth dressage behind our Summer’s Traveler. Tupelo Honey, our yearling filly by D’Jango Jazz and out of Oakfield Jessie, took first place in her first ever halter class. We couldn’t be happier with the performance of these wonderful horses and our trainers. Many thanks to Ashley and Scott Sarkozi and Wendy Snyder for all you do to bring out the best in our horses at home and in the show ring. We can't thank S3 Show Alliance enough. A special thanks to our youth rider, Alyssa Roberts! You are a beautiful rider with a bright future ahead of you! We are looking very forward to the future here at Mokete’s Village! And yes, Blue Mountain Tiger is in Virginia and on our farm; and we can't wait to get him in the show ring.

D'Jango Jazz Wins Big at Germantown Charity Horse Show!

D'Jango Jazz Wins Big at the Germantown Charity Horse Show, June 2-6, 2015


This was the first year that Gypsy Vanners were invited to this acclaimed horse show.  Because of the distance we were on the fence about going, however, with Taylor Hanes' enthusiasm  and our training team's encouragement, we headed to Germantown with our stallion D'Jango Jazz.  Ashley Sarkozi, Wendy Snyder, and D'Jango Jazz showed their talent, professionalism, and work ethic all week long.  In addition to winning Halter Champion, Western Champion, and English Champion of Feathered Breeds, they also won 1st places in Dressage Suitability Under Saddle and Obstacles Under Saddle.   D'Jango Jazz definatley loves his job. Way to go MV and S3!



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