We were captivated by this breed’s beauty years before our first purchase of a Gypsy Vanner. Our initial desire was to own a “safe and sensible” horse to trail ride and pull a carriage. Over time, we have come to discover our intention with this wonderful breed. A key turning point came in the spring of 2013 when we purchased D’Jango Jazz and Violet from Stillwater Farm

D’Jango Jazz is one of the few stallion sons in North America from The Lion King. D’Jango is heavy boned, has tons of hair and moves with grace and lightness. He is highly accomplished under saddle and carriage and is now proving himself in Performance Classes and already has two dressage championships under his belt. D’Jango Jazz has shown that a “big” gypsy can really move.  We are looking forward to building on his foundation and maximizing his potential.


Violet is the first foal from Stillwater Farm’s Summer Rose and Deja Blue! Both highly accomplished, representing our mission with our breeding program: balanced conformation and with great movement. We believe Violet and D’Jango Jazz are the future of our breeding program.


While D’Jango Jazz and Violet were the turning point for us, other members of herd play a key role in our program.  Our goal- to show the versatility of the Gypsy Vanner Horse.



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